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(TuDime LLC)

  1. Available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple Store
  2. Ability to register with either e-mail address or cellphone number. TuDime will send a six-digit pin to e-mail or mobile device to activate the registration.
  3. TuDime offers an annual subscription for only $1 USD or currency equivalent. This is a limited time offer. However, all users who subscribe to TuDime during this period will have renewals at same price. Normal annual subscription is $20 USD
  4. The Google Play Store and Apple Store payment portals are safe and secure to use.
  5. TuDime Mobile Devices And Desktop PC / Macintosh Versions Available.
  6. Korumanız için uçtan uca şifrelemeyle korunan mesajlar
  7. Insert a username of your choice. If not already in use, other users may be able to insert your username to initiate communication with you. Can also search for users with their mobile number or email address, used to register on TuDime.
  8. One to One Chat text (user to user)
  9. Audio Chat Calling (user to user)
  10. Video chat calls (user to user)
  11. Virtual Video Calls – Feature to blur your background.
  12. Virtual Video Calls – Insert an image from your phone for background
  13. Virtual Video Calls – Background video calls with outside noise reduction and suppression, Optional.
  14. Virtual Video Call – Can add up to 1,000 TuDime users on call with virtual backgrounds,
  15. TuDime Web (Search Internet) – With TuDime Web, no need to leave chat with other user if need information from Google. With TuDime Web feature, can search internet directly without having to leave chat, then can select images and / or link to send to other user.
  16. Call any number in the world, such as Landlines, or Mobile Phones, that accepts calls with TuDime CAN (Call Any Number). Be advised that you need to put credit on your TuDime CAN account on a very low call rate (This is different from TuDime user-user video chat and voice calling, which is included in the membership and Free Trial). To see call rates to call a non-TuDime user (example, call a business landline phone number, a house telephone number or a non-TuDime user directly, you would use the “TuDime CAN” feature. Once you have TuDime installed on your cell phone, you can place money for call credit on your TuDime CAN account
  17. Cross Platform voice calls and video chat along with text messages between iPhone and Android mobile devices.
  18. Group Text Chat (Up to 300 users)
  19. Family Video Chat (up to 5 users at the same time)
  20. Share TuDime – Invite other friends and contacts to upload TuDime from other chat apps.
  21. Push to talk and leave recorded voice messages up to 2 minutes in length.
  22. Share Contacts to Other TuDime Users
  23. TRANSLATE and send messages more than 15 different popular languages (text and voice to text)
  24. Reverse Translation on received messages.
  25. Additional translation feature: Push to talk, and a message appears in spoken language and is then translated to the desired language.
  26. Received translated text messages can be listened in desired language. Reverse translate to Google Voice (Audio).
  27. Instant one-click translation on received messages in available foreign languages during text chat.
  28. TuDime Shots – This is a new fun / exciting way to post photos, upload or create short, entertaining videos (up to 2 minutes) for all TuDime users to be able to view. TuDime users may like your post and make short comments. Note; all posts and comments must not be in violation of TuDime Terms Of Use.
  29. Share Shots videos, images, GIFS, to other TuDime users or share to other apps.
  30. Change TuDime language feature to another available language
  31. Send your location to others (GPS)
  32. Set user custom status for others to see. For example, “We are at the football game with the children.”
  33. Edit chat messages that have already been sent (Correct mistypes or mistakes in message)
  34. Quote Reply to the user so that you know what your typed text is in response to.
  35. Add Quick Reply Emojis to receivedmessages.
  36. Recall or delete sent and received chat text messages for you and another user
  37. Extract Text – While chatting with other user, in empty chat box, tap once select Extract Text – Camera opens, point at desired text, capture accept and text appears in chat box, then can send to other user.
  38. Capture Message – To take a screenshot of a chat: 1. Tap and hold the first chat message you want to include in the screenshot. 2. Tap Capture
  39. Adjust font size
  40. Change font style
  41. Select font color
  42. Notes – Insert own personal notes about the user. For example, make note on birthdays, family, or anything you want so you do not forget
  43. Speech to text in chat dialogue translation and in eCards
  44. Emojis and stickers available on the chat keyboard to insert into the message
  45. TuDime eCards– Send personalized Greeting Cards (TuDime eCards) to TuDime users and other applications. This feature includes translation to other languages, insertinga photo, writing a personal message and signature inside a greeting card, and also attaching a recorded voice greeting before you send it to not only other TuDime Users but can send SMS to any cellphone device, send the eCards by e-mail and even attach the eCard file link to any other chat application that another user may have on their device. The user will then open the link to the greeting card, and it will be displayed on their device along with any recorded voice message that you may leave
  46. Create a public or private profile. Insert Profile Photo
  47. Build your TuDime Profile Gallery by uploading personal photos (up to 50) from your smartphone/device to share with others if your status is set to “Public.” If set to Private, others cannot see your Profile or your Profile Gallery
  48. See the online status of other users (unless they choose to “hide” their online status).
  49. See when other user was last logged onto TuDime.
  50. Hide online status from everyone.
  51. Online status colors… Green dot online. Orange dot last online within last 24 hours. Red dot.. last online 24 hours or longer.
  52. Archive / Unarchive chats with users (hides from display)
  53. Block one or more contacts from sending you messages (Block / Unblock)
  54. Secret Chat – Send secret messages to the user in different special chat conversations – Will not appear in regular chat conversations with that person
  55. Disappearing messages option (You set the time limit from 5 seconds to 5 minutes after another user reads the message). The message is then permanently deleted from your device and that of the other user
  56. Delivery and read messages notifications
  57. Delete / Recall messages sent accidentally (Have you ever accidentally sent a message to another person, which caused a big problem?)
  58. CHAT messages are backed up to CLOUD in real-time
  59. Send photos and videos in chat
  60. Send files – (documents, pdf’s, spreadsheets, PowerPoint)
  61. Send GPS location live to other TuDime users.
  62. Password option to open TuDime for extra security to prevent others from viewing your chat and messages
  63. Doodle feature for a chat. Attach stickers, clip art, photos, draw, and text and send to other TuDime users
  64. Change background themes for you and another TuDime user (s). Add your themes and build your Custom Theme Gallery. Over 20 different categories hundreds of themes. Another user will ask,”How do you do this?” Tell them it’s magic!” (Note: User may select setting “Lock default theme” to prevent this.)
  65. Broadcast / Forward message(s) to any number of contacts
  66. Upload up to 50 images at one time
  67. Search for other users with TuDime username, user ID, e-mail or mobile number used to register.
  68. Auto-generate QR (Quick Response) code for every user
  69. Add others from their QR Code or share your TuDime QR Code
  70. Add important dates and events on Calendar and sync with Google Calendar
  71. Save received photos and files to other locations such as device storage, Google Drive, DropBox, and other popular cloud storage databases.
  72. TuDime special Emojis and stickers to insert into a message.
  73. Rotate Screen – Use TuDime in vertical and horizontal view modes.
  74. Share Screen – TuDime Screen Share feature enables a user to instantly see another user’s screen and may help in explaining them through conversations.
  75. Can see notification when other user is writing you a message.
  76. Can bookmark (Star / Un-Star) important messages to find later for easy quick reference.
  77. Up Arrow for instant movement to very beginning of chat dialogue. Down Arrow to instant movement to end of chat dialogue.
  78. Scroll chat dialogue up or down to review sent and received messages
  79. Record and Send Video voice message. This TuDime feature allows you to make, record and send video voice message up to 2 minutes in length.
  80. Retrieve and restore your chat history. If you move to a different device, simply login to any device with the old credentials, and it will restore all old chat
  81. Delete Chat – WARNING! – By following through with this feature, it will PERMANENTLY REMOVE this chat not only from your device but from CLOUD storage, also.
  82. Companion Twin Mode.. can have same account on 2 different multiple devices
  83. Mute / Unmute Selected User – will not get push notifications while other user is muted. Excellent feature if not want to get “disturbed” by selected user(s) while you are busy or in a meeting.
  84. Instant Reply – Swipe left option on received message in chat dialogue.
  85. Pin Favorite Contacts To Top Of Chats –
  86. Dark Mode – Optional feature. Change background from white to black. It can help to reduce glare from your device in low light situations. Turn dark mode on or off.
  87. Add new contacts with mobile number / email address
  88. Report user(s) for content containing, obscene, abusive or harmful content, threats of violence, bullying, spam, impersonation in violation of TuDime Terms Of Use.