So Much More Than A Regular Chat App !

Among TuDime Features Are:

See Here For Complete TuDime Features List
  • Free trial for first 30 days after registration.
  • $15 (USD) for annual membership. However, if user joins within first 15 days, it is $11.25 (25 percent discount) via Stripe, Visa or MC / Debit or Credit Cards
  • One to One Chat text (user to user)
  • Group Chat (Up to 200 users)
  • Video Chat Calling (user to user)
  • Call any number in the world such as Landlines, Mobile Phones, that accepts calls with TuDime CAN (Call Any Number). Be advised that you need to put credit on TuDime CAN account on very low call rate (This is different from TuDime user-user video chat and voice calling). To see calling rates to call a non TuDime user (example, call a business landline phone number, a house telephone number or a non TuDime user directly, you would use the “TuDime CAN” feature. Once you have TuDime installed on your cell phone, you are able to place money for call credit on your TuDime CAN account. Go to https://tudime.com/price/ to See TuDime CAN international calling rates.
  • Audio Chat Calling (user to user)
  • Push to talk and leave voice messages
  • Built in LANGUAGE TRANSLATION features (text and voice to text)
  • Additional translation feature: Push to talk and message appears in spoken language and then translated to desired language.
  • Edit and recall sent chat text messages.
  • Send personalized greeting cards to TuDime users as well as non TuDime users (TuDimeeCards)
  • Search for friends (*TuDime Encounters) and send chat messages. Must be 18 years or over to use.
  • Create public or private profile. Upload up to 10 photos in Profile.
  • End to end encryption secured messages for your protection.
  • Hide from others / Hide from everyone
  • Secret Chat option
  • Disappearing messages option (You set time limit from 1 second to one week after message is read) from both the sides.
  • Recover and delete messages sent accidentally (Have you ever accidentally sent a message to another person, which caused a big problem?)
  • Back up chat to Google Drive or Cloud option. Great feature to have in case you lose or change cell phone.
  • Retrieve and restore your chat history.
  • Send files, documents, images, photos, videos, contacts, location, audio.
  • Password option to open TuDime for extra security to prevent others from viewing your chat and messages.
  • Additional option to set additional password for TuDime Encounters*
  • Doodle feature for chat.
  • Change background themes for you and other TuDime user(s). Add your own themes.
  • Push notifications option


User will enjoy chatting with colleagues, friends, family, coworkers and others, while sharing videos, audios, images and files. Free video calling and video conferencing world wide for TuDime users.

  Greeting Cards (eCards)

TuDime facilitates personalizing and sharing awesome greeting cards (eCards) from your cell phone to your near and dear ones via app user, email, FaceBook, Twitter etc… Create a perfect card at your fingertips for most occasions from the TuDimeeCards feature. You can customize each card as you can do in real greeting cards. This includes writing your own personal message along with inserting a photo. If that is not enough, how about adding a personalized voice message and signing it with your own signature? You will definitely score points with your friends and family by sending them a TuDimeeCard!

  User To User Calls And Video Chat Communication

Talk to other TuDime users as long as you want, even with people in other countries. Calls are free over Wi-Fi.

Additionally, you can call ANY number in world that accepts calls with TuDime CAN (need to put credit on TuDime CAN account with very low call international calling rates).


TuDime Encounters is an OPTIONAL awesome dating communication feature for individuals at least 18 years of age, which allows them to look for matches specifying age, gender, location and other important characteristics. This feature allows individuals to share greeting cards, chat messages and show an interest in the profile of another. It is a secured way of expressing interest and thoughts about others with a high level of privacy.

This feature in development. Planned release approximately June 2021